Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Movie Trailer : Daybreakers 2009

I was intrigued with that the titled of this movie called "Daybreakers", due to my curiosity, I tried to search the trailer of this movie. This movie is more on action, sci-fiction, horror, thriller and drama. So if you're a type of person who likes in this kind of genre, then I guess this movie fits for your taste. The trailer is good, I'm sure my younger brother will likes this, so I add this movie in my list that we are going to watch soon in the cinema.

Summary of the Movie :

Fresh off the success of their inventive take on the zombie genre, Undead masterminds Michael and Peter Spierig direct Ethan Hawke in an ambitious tale of a futuristic Earth populated entirely by vampires, and the efforts made by the creatures to ensure that their food supply doesn't run out as humankind is faced with extinction. The year is 2017, and a vampire plague has turned most of the planet's human population into bloodsucking ghouls. As the population of mortals fast begins to dwindle, a resourceful team of vampires sets out to capture and farm every remaining human while simultaneously researching a consumable blood substitute. Just when all hope seems lost, a secret is discovered that may provide the key o saving the human race.

Movie Trailer :


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