Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tayong Dalawa Finale

The most awaiting finale of Tayong Dalawa has come already. The family and I were very excited and finally it's done with a unique happy and sad ending. I'm sure it's not just me who wait for it, but also those avid followers of this series. We tried to guess it at home the ending of this series, but no one got the correct guess. The ending of the series is both happy and at the same time sad. For those who followed this series, for sure you know already what I mean. What makes it sad in the storyline is when Audrey (Kim Chui) died because of her illness, she died after she delivered the baby, JR's son. Nevertheless what makes it happy is that, she left an adorably baby as the fruit of her love to her husband JR (Gerald Anderson). In the other side of the story, it's happy that finally the 3 sons of Marlen (Cherry Pie) were together, even though Ramon (Coco Martin), who used to be the bad guy in the story, became blind at the end because Ingrid, Dave’s mom shot him through his head. She’s getting crazy and because of her anger and belief that Ramon was the one who killed her husband. Ingrid was in jailed to pay for what he did and Dave (Jake Cuenca) were together with his real family, his real mom, Marlen. Ramon is in jail, paying all his damage and mess. Well, God still good, he let him alive, but he makes him blind, to realize that in everything he did, there's always a punishment at the end, it's a lesson for him. However, the family was bond together again, back in the arms of their mom with full of joy and happiness.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Indie Film : A journey home

Upcoming movie of singer, actress, host Toni Gonzaga is directed by her real boyfriend Paul Soriano. The said movie was indie entitled "A Journey Home". This movie A Journey Home is the first indie film of both Toni and Paul. This is not the very first time that Paul Soriano direct his girlfriend, he used to direct the music video of Toni entitled "Catch Me I'm Fallin". Toni is known in portraying a comedy movie and this time, she will portray a dramatic movie. According to her, shifting from romantic comedy to full-time drama was hard. But I'm pretty sure she can manage it very well because she is good.

I like Toni so much because she's not just very good in acting, but very fluent on the way she delivered her hosting career. In fact, she is one of my favorite in local celebrity. She has an amazing talent. She is just perfect in hosting the Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA).


TFC 15th Anniversary

The Filipino Channel or (TFC) had a successful celebration for their 15th anniversary last September 20, 2009. The celebration was held at California's Great America in Santa Clara, CA. There were many kapamilya stars who join the celebration and it was said on the news that about 10 000 people who witness the big celebration. The TFC Kapamilya stars who appeared lived during the celebration were Bea Alonzo, John Lloyd Cruz, Billy Crawford, Charice Pempengco, Laarni Lozada, Bugoy Drilon, Candy Pangilinan and many more!

I’m pretty sure that all our kababayan in the US had a great time to see their fans on live and enjoy the presentation that the TFC Kapamilya stars presented.


Mark Lapid is free to marry again

Lovely couple

Finally Mark Lapid's marriage to Yuri Park was annulled. It was news before that Mark Lapid was married to Yuri Park and had one daughter. The explosion of the news started when Tanya Garcia was pregnant in Mark Lapid's child. It is time for celebration now for Mark and Tanya, after three years of waiting and finally the result from the Las Angeles court release already that he's marriage to Yuri was officially annulled that he's free to marry again. The decision from the court was released last September 8, 2009.

Tanya and Mark were very happy for the court decision. The couple plans to have a second child, but when they got this result from the court, they don't know yet which come first, either the wedding bell or the second baby. Tanya and Mark have a lovely daughter called Mischa Amidala.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beyonce Live in Malaysia

Good news for those avid fans of Beyonce, finally she will perform a concert in Malaysia. In this upcoming 25th of October, the award-winning singer Beyonce Knowles will perform a live concert in Malaysia, two years after she cancelled her debut concert amid fears of protests by Muslim groups. It said that her concert was part of Beyonce’s “I am” world tour, which has seen her perform in North America and Europe. She will take the stage at a stadium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's biggest city.

It was reported before that her concert was cancelled 2 years ago because majority of Muslim protesters threatened to disrupt the concert because of her sexy image and clothing.


Nobody from Wonder Girls

Korean series were already known here in the Philippines, in fact, there were many Korean series that we can see on TV, but it's dubbed with tagalog language. It's not just Korean series that are known now in the country, but also some Korean song.

This morning, I heard from my sister that she often heard the song "Nobody " in the night café here in Cagayan de Oro. When I watch ASAP 09 during noon time, I saw it on TV that some local celebrities also sing that song. And just a minute ago, I saw it on the TV program called "Going Bulilit", a kiddie gag show; they also sing this "Nobody". It's a sign that this song is totally hit not only in Korea, but in the Philippines as well. The song "Nobody" was popularized by a Korean group called Wonder Girls. The lyrics of the song are both Korean and English. Even though not everyone can understand the whole lyrics of the song, but just because of the rhythm of the songs that seem very lively, then people like to listen it. Well, when I first heard this song, I already like it, even though at first I did not know that it was sang by Korean group.


Tayong Dalawa Up coming Finale

One of the series that I often followed on TV is Tayong Dalawa that is aired in ABS-CBN. I'm very picky when it comes to what kind of series that I watch, but this Tayong dalawa got my attention, so I followed this from the beginning until the upcoming finale. I know I miss some part, but I can get updated fast from my family who are also an avid fan of this series. In short, I'm not totally behind of the story; I still can catch up even I miss it to watch.

As far as I know, this series runs on TV for about 9 months already and it's already 5 days to go, then I can see the finale. I'm already excited what's going to happen, what will the ending of the story but at this moment, I'm clueless at all. Everyone at home are looking forward to this 5 days left wondering if its happy ending or not.

Congratulations to all cast of Tayong Dalawa!!


Yaya and Angelina (The Spoiled Brat Movie)

It was started with a gag show on Bubble gang called Spoiled Brat. It was about nanny and a spoiled kid that she take care, a kid that is very spoiled and want to do something to pressure her nanny. We often watch this gag show on TV because it very funny and for sure everyone loves to watch that too.

Good news for those avid fans of this show, the Yaya and Angelina will be on Cinema this coming September 23. Finally, you can see them in a big screen entitled Yaya and Angelina (The Spoiled Brat Movie).

Synopsis of the movie

The movie begins when a fiery incident caused Angelina's yaya to be incapacitated. The kid's parents, portrayed by Aiko Melendez and Jomari Yllana, search for a new yaya. Rosalinda " Cha-cha" Lucero is selected from a coterie of applicants. Soon, a special love-hate bond is formed between the two. Yaya becomes the object of Angelina's practical jokes and temper tantrums but she is determined to stick it out with the bratty child. Unfortunately, one final straw broke her spirit so she packed her stuff and moved out of Angelina's household.

Alone and distraught over Yaya's disappearance, Angelina accidentally uncovers a terrorist plot to assassinate The Duchess of Wellengton, who is scheduled to visit her school. Angelina is discovered and kidnapped by the terrorists.

Learning about the predicament of her beloved ward, Yaya sets out to save Angelina. Reunited, they combine their wits to save the foreign dignitary and thwart the terrorists' evil plot.

Trailer of the movie


Movie : In my Life

Last Wednesday was the opening of the movie “In my Life”. Starring the Star For All Season Vilma Santos, Luis Manzano and multi-awarded actor John Lloyd Cruz. The movie was produced by Star Cinema and directed by Olivia M. Lamasan.. Since it was the opening, my friend and I decided to watch on that day. The movie was nice, you can get moral lesson of it.

The movie was all about family, love and friendship. Whenever you watch it, you can relate the story. The story was great and the cast were very good, nice movie to recommend to others. As a short summary about the movie, John Lloyd Cruz and Luis Manzano will play a gay couple in the movie, and the one highlights that most people are looking forward to see is the “kissing scene” between the two actors.

Trailer of the movie.