Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oprah's Upcoming Interview with President Obama and Wife Michelle

Oprah Winfrey announced that she will have an interview next month with the US President Obama together with his wife Michelle. The interview will be air just before Christmas, I can't wait for this anymore, and I'm excited, this could be something special. To all the viewers, this is the time that we are waiting for. The title of this special interview is "Christmas at the White House: An Oprah Primetime Special" which will be air at 10 PM on the 13th of December at ABC.

It said that "The intimate, informative and entertaining hour long special will include a one-on-one conversation with the president, marking the first time Oprah has interviewed him since he took office, as well as an exclusive sit-down interview with the first couple,"

We are looking forward this upcoming interview.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The list of AMA winners

Here’s the following list of the American Music Award winners. Congratulations to all the winners. You all deserved to receive this award.

Favourite Pop/Rock Band/Duo/Group - The Black Eyed Peas
Favourite Country duo/band - Rascal Flatts (fourth year in a row)
Favourite Pop/Rock Female - Taylor Swift
Favourite Alternative Rock - Green Day
Favourite Soul/R&B Male - Michael Jackson
Favourite Country Male Artist - Keith Urban
Favourite Soul/R&B Female - Beyonce
Breakthrough Artist Awards - Gloriana (beating King Cudi, Lady GaGa, Keri Hilson)
International Award of Excellence - Whitney Houston
Favourite Country Female - Taylor Swift
Favourite Pop/Rock Male Artist - Michael Jackson
Artist of the Year - Taylor Swift
Favourite Pop/Rock Album - Michael Jackson, Number ones
Favourite Country Music Album - Taylor Swift, Fearless
Favourite Rap/Hip Hop Album - The Blueprint 3, Jay-Z
Favourite Soul/R&B Band, Duo or Group - The Black Eyed Peas
Favourite Soul/R&B Album - Michael Jackson, Number Ones
Favourite Soundtrack - Twilight
Favourite Adult Contemporary Artist - Taylor Swift
Favourite Latin Music Artist - Aventura
Favourite Contemporary Inspirational Artist - Mary Mary


Taylor Swift – Receive 5 awards in AMA

Taylor Swift became very popular because of her songs that hit not just in America, but also in some other countries. From her album Fearless, many nice songs of her that you will love to listen and I don't deny it that I love her songs. Almost every FM station here in the city often played some of her songs because many people keep requesting it.

Taylor Swift who accepted her five awards including Artist of the year via satellite from London, was truly shocked to beat out the late Michael Jackson for that top prize. Swift could not believe it, with some tears of joy. She was very thankful to all her fans that voted for her. The American Music Awards have been giving these fan-bestowed awards for 37 years, so many of the wins were no surprise.

The 19-year-old singer won the coveted Artist of the Year award along with Favourite Pop/Rock Female, Favourite Country Female, Favourite Country Music Album and Favourite Adult Contemporary Artist.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Robert Pattinson needs 25 securities

According to the news, Robert Pattinson needs 25 security guards to protect him from crazy fans. If you become that popular and many fans adore you that much, then you can't control them, so I think anyone in his position will do the same. Robert became more popular because of his movie that hit not just in the US, but also here in the Philippines. Many people especially teen's love their movie Twilight. Due to a big success of the movie, fans are now looking forward to the part 2 of Twilight called Twilight Saga: New Moon.

The 'Twilight Saga: New Moon' actor - who plays vampire Edward Cullen in the hit film franchise - needed permanent protection when he filmed the movie because he couldn't go anywhere without being mobbed.

He said: 'They had to hire another ten security guards and they had to form a ring around you and it had to be every single day. And if you're doing a movie for $1 million or $2 million, security is expensive. So you hire 25 security guards for one cast member.

'The whole thing got over-run and people are grabbing you and that's just you on the way from set to trailer.' Robert, 23, has previously admitted his legions of fans and the pressure of fame made him 'really paranoid'. He explained: 'I was getting really paranoid. But then I realized that if tomorrow I say, 'OK, I've had enough we're stopping everything,' it won't change anything. 'Might as well try to accept it and stay Zen as I have no control over it. It's not always easy. But whining won't change anything.'


Friday, November 20, 2009

Oprah's Special Annoucement

Who would never be surprised to hear from the breaking news that came from Ophra. She made an announcement that the Oprah Winfrey Show, a show that has been running in TV for already many years and in this coming 25th season, she decided to end up the show in late 2011. For more than two decades, Oprah Winfrey has been the inspirational, change-your-life champion who reigned over daytime television. I feel sad when I know that it's timed to say bye to one of the well-known talk show, I'm sure many viewers felt so sad in this said announcement. We all going to miss this show, and not just that, Oprah became a big influence of Charice Pempengco's popularity, through guesting in the Oprah show, it's already a way for her popularity and that's what happened to her right now.


Tom and Katie celebrate their 3rd Wedding Anniversary

One of the celebrity couples that I like is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes or called as TomKat tandem. This lovely couple got married last November 18, 2008 in a luxurious Italian wedding. And have a beautiful angel called Suri. According to the news that I've read, this lovely couple celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary by having a romantic dinner at Bricco restaurant in Boston on Saturday.

Tom reportedly rented out the whole second floor of the venue, giving the pair the chance to spend an intimate evening together (while daughter Suri spent the night at home). Wow! That could be very romantic for the couple, spending time together in this most special day of their life, their wedding anniversary. That's a very sweet preparation of Tom, I'm pretty sure Katie felt so happy during that day.

I felt jealous now when I read this news, hubby and I just celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary last month and we were not together. Like any other couples, we all wish that during our wedding anniversary day, we could have spend a time together with the person that we love.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Movie Trailer : 2012

I been longing to watch this movie 2012, I heard a lot of good feedbacks about this movie, which it makes me feel more excited to watch it. As I watch the 2012 movie trailer, I’m already amazed, I’m pretty sure that this movie will hit here in the Philippines. And yesterday when I visit in Limketkai mall here in the city, I’m surprise that they used 2 cinemas to show this 2012, wow!!! Therefore this could be a nice and interesting movie, one of this days I’m going to watch that movie then all my curiosity will be gone. The trailer shows already the very good special effects of the movie. The genre of this movie is action, sci-fiction, drama and thriller.

According to the Mayan calendar, in 2012, the planet of the solar system would be in line with each other, leading to global natural disasters: the strongest earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions will make the country and the entire continent in ruins. Recently, scientists have confirmed that this myth could become reality. "2012" is an epic saga about the end of the world, fascinating story of the heroic struggle of humanity for survival.


Watching Movie : Ang tanging pamilya (A Marry-Go-Round)

Yesterday, my niece and I went to Limketkai mall to watch the movie Ang Tanging Pamily (A merry go round), it's a tagalong comedy movie starring by Ai-Ai de las Alas, Joseph Estrada, Toni Gonzaga, Sam Milby and introducing the new member of the showbiz industry Aling Dionisia Pacquiao, the mother of our world boxing champ, Manny Pacquaio.

As I watch the trailer of the movie, it already looks funny, so I finally decide to watch it in the big screen. The movie was fun and everyone in the cinema keeps laughing. If you have seen the movie already, you can relate the part that it makes me laugh; it's the part where Ai-Ai delas Alas and Aling Dionesia did a dance presentation and the part where Ai-ai and Sam Milby spoof the movie of Vilma Santos and Jhon Lloyd Cruz in the movie "In my life". This movie is directed by Wenn V. Deramas


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Movie Trailer: Twilight New Moon

Have you ever seen the movie Twilight? One of the movies that hit in the US and at the same time here in the Philippines, I saw this movie Twilight, it's more on love story, but less action, which hubby, bro in law and I expected that it has a lot of action. However, my sister was romantically in love in this movie twilight, she likes it so much. Now that there's the part 2 of the Twilight movie called "Twilight: New Moon," she was so eager to watch it when it shows here in the big screen. Since I started to watch the part 1, I want to watch this part 2 as well. Let's see how long does Edward and Bella can fight for their love against the other people who tried to separate them.

Here’s the trailer of the movie.


Upcoming Pinoy Big Brother house opening

As I check the Pinoy big brother website, I notice this online Pinoy Big Brother house Opening. It will be open soon, but it's a surprise, so everyone who followed this series will be excited and at the same time will be curious about this new opening. It's going to be the first time in the history of pinoy big brother that you can enter the house of kuya. I can't wait for the big announcement of that already, I wonder and at the same time curious on how to enter the house via online. Maybe you need to sign in or so then you can see the structure of the PBB house. Well, I'm just guessing, we just wait for the big announcement soon.


New PBB housemates

Whenever there’s someone who will do a voluntary exit, then there’s a chance that there will be additional housemates that will join in Kuya’s house. A Few weeks ago, one of the members of the PBB housemates, Yhel leaved the house due to a force eviction because of the violation of the rules. The second housemates who leave last Saturday was Tom. He did not leave the house because he got the lowest text vote but same case as Yhel, due to force eviction.

And yesterday night, the main host of the PBB double up welcome the two newly housemates that will join in Kuya’s house. Sam Pinto and Rocky Salumbides are the newest additions to the PBB house. Sam is a student of fashion design and she churns up creative concepts on the go. Her unique ideas come to life, as she herself is able to sew her creations. While Rocky has graced the international fashion scene, but let this not fool you into thinking he’s all up in the air about this. His humble beginnings include growing up in the football team’s barracks and surviving on junk food alone.

As Kuya welcomed the two new housemates, he also gave them their first task. They would be billeted in House B, the house that lost quite a number of companions and has yet to reclaim their own clothing. The missing clothes were piled in a box, and these were to be the newbies’ gift to their new housemates. They were given limited time to wear as much clothes as possible, and only those that were on them could be brought into the house. At first, they attempted to figure out the best way to go about it. It wasn’t long before they realized there was simply no time to think strategically, and the two just wore whatever they could get their hands on. At the end of three minutes, the two were made to enter their new home. As they entered looking like a pile of laundry, Rocky called out, “Hello, tao po kami!” The housemates then rushed to them and welcomed them enthusiastically, literally looking up at the tall newbies. The twist to their task was that only the owner of the clothing could take it off them, so Sam and Rocky had to stand being groped and clutched at by the eager housemates.

Let’s see if this newly housemates are ready to face the challenge inside the PBB house. So keep watching the PBB.


Force eviction for Tom

What is forced eviction in the PBB house? A force eviction is an automatic eviction of any housemates who against the rules of the PBB house. There are certain rules that Kuya implement, any housemates who did some violation of the rules will automatically leave the house and that's what we called force eviction. Tom is the second housemates who leave the house due to force eviction, the first housemates was evicted of force eviction was Yhel.

The housemates have given a battle task, fighting against each other's house. The house A, often won the battle challenge and while the house B, often loss. Tom belongs to the house B and it makes him feel helpless to his group that they can't win the challenge. He tried his best to complete against the other house, but still he failed and again, his group still failed to the next challenge. It makes Tom became too emotional to the point of slamming his fist against the wall. On top of that, he had to leave for the hospital because of his illness. After 22 hours, he was back in the house with a completely different disposition, to the delight of his housemates. His temporary exit made him realize how much he missed his housemates. He ended his night by hugging the stuffed toy left by Princess.

Welcome to the outside world Tom and goodluck for the new challenge in life.


Glamorous house of Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera hangs in the kitchen with her hubby, Jordan Bratman, and their 22-month-old son, Max.

Let’s take a look of the glamorous house of the well-known singer, Christina Aguilera. In the Los Angeles mansion she shares with her husband, Jordan Bratman, and their 21-month-old son, Max. The colorful home still has somewhat of a gothic feel, Aguilera added a few new design elements to make it her own. Visitors will discover burlesque, Hollywood Regency, and chinoiserie styles juxtaposed with graffiti artwork, Japanese anime, and kaleidoscope rugs.

Smoky mirrors, crystal chandeliers, a pink-and-black billiards table, and a pair of vibrant rugs by Paul Smith add sophisticated edge and grown-up glam to the game room.

Of course like most female celebrities, Christina Aguilera has not one but two expansive closets. First stop: Shoes. "Everything on my shoe wall is grouped by designer—Louboutin, McQueen, YSL—all in their own little family," says Aguilera. "And there's room for boots up top." The hyper-organized singer also has zones for her jeans, jackets, coats, skirts, sweaters and jewelry in the ultra-glam room, complete with a chandelier and leopard-print rug.

"Whimsical furniture, radical art, and an abundance of red roses" makes "a visit to Christina Aguilera's home feel a little like falling down a magical rabbit hole. Which was exactly how she wanted it."
A grand bed that makes her feels like a queen on a throne

A Lulu Guinness rug leads to the singer's freestanding bathtub. For Aguilera, the bathroom is yet another place to display her found objects --candles, figures, flacons, even a Moroccan side table. "It's an eclectic equation," she says.


Who is Christina Aguilera?

Who would never know of Christima Aguilera, she is one of the famous Hollywood singers and she popularize many songs that hits internationally like “Reflection”, Genie in the bottle”, “Dirty” and many more. With her amazing talent, both singing and dancing, she is just worthy for all the blessings that she achieve. She became popular not just in America but almost all over the world.

Christina María Aguilera was born on December 18, 1980 at Staten Island, New York, She is an American pop musician. When she was a child, Aguilera aspired to be a singer. She was known locally as "the little girl with the big voice", singing in local talent shows and competition. Aguilera first appeared on national television in 1990 as a contestant on the Star Search program, and went on to star in Disney Channel's television series The New Mickey Mouse Club from 1993–1994. Aguilera signed to RCA Records after recording "Reflection"for the film Mulan. She came to prominence following her debut album Christina Aguilera (1999), which was commercial success spawning three number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100. A Latin pop album, Mi Reflejo (2001), and several collaborations followed which garnered Aguilera worldwide success, though she was displeased with her lack of input in her music and image.

Christina is now married to Jordan Bratman, a music producer. The couple had 1 son called Max.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Celine Dion isn't pregnant for the 2nd child

One of my favorite singers is Celine Dion. I love her voice; it's very amazing and very nice to listen. She is not just a good singer, but has a good heart as well. Some of her songs are very inspiring and that's the reason why I love to listen it often.

Celine Dion is married to René Angélil, one of the lovely couple that I adore much. The couple has one "extraordinary" son, René-Charles, born in 2001, who was also conceived with the help of Rosenwaks, director of the Ronald O. Perelman and Claudia Cohen Center for Reproductive Medicine at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Center Medical Center.

It was on the news that Celine was pregnant for her second child. This was started when Dion's doctor announced that she was pregnant via in vitro fertilization very early in the process, and it has now been revealed that the embryos transferred in August and October was unsuccessful.

"Dr. Zev Rosenwaks believed that the procedure/pregnancy took, but that wasn't the case. We found out some days later. We were shocked," said Angélil. They quickly tried again to get pregnant, but were unsuccessful, he added, "But you know Céline. She doesn't let go."

I wish luck for the lovely couple, maybe it’s not yet the right time, but never lose hope and faith. I’m pretty sure that it will come on your way soon.