Friday, December 24, 2010

Season's Greetings!

twine tastes so good cats ask for it by name


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In the disco

My younger brother is now in for recording his rap music. In fact, he made few recordings already in some local bands in the city. He likes joining some FM radio contest in connection to his talent, which is singing. He joined some clubs in some FM station in city that build some friendship in some DJ's at the station. Keep going in those stations is now the bridge that he can record some songs that he composed. HE started to know how to use it and started to familiarize what DJ use. One time, he was invited by his clan mates to join their disco. They promise that they free my brother for the disco's entrance, so without any doubt, he agreed. And there, the music was loud, but it's nice to listen on their earns. Music played was all nice that makes me dance and groove. And he noticed what the DJ use while the disco is going on. It's a m-audio fast track ultra 8r that he saw on the net. He was amazed, the mixing of the music was really great. And it can record multiple sources simultaneously.


A Perfect Christmas

Let's all enjoy the Christmas season. Take a break and enjoy listening this wonderful Christmas song entitles "A Perfect Christmas" from Jose Mari Chan. What is you idea for having a perfect Christmas?


Monday, December 6, 2010

Blinds for my window

My windows in my room is too low that is very easy to reach by kids. Mostly if I open my jealousy windows, then kids get curious what stuff I have in my room. Sometimes they check if I play some computer games or so. It irritate me that they keep watching my room, that's the reason I often close my windows. My cousin came through my room and he complained that it's warm and asked me why I did not open my window. So I explain to him the reason and he understands it. He suggested to me that better I use a blinds that will cover up my window. So if I open my window, there some blinds that covers up. Therefore, kids cannot easily see through the inside of my room. My cousin's idea was good and now I'm looking for a Cheap Vertical Blinds that I can put on my window. Hopefully I can find it soon.


Sa Araw Ng Pasko

Christmas is almost approaching, just a few days to then it’s Christmas time. It’s time to sing a long the Christmas song. And I’m sharing here now the Filipino Christmas songs which was sang by All Stars cast.


Online shopping

Last week, I was busy surfing through the net some online stuff that I want purchase. I enjoy doing some online shopping because I find it so easy and handy. No more hassle waiting in a long line cashier especially at this time that Christmas season is almost approaching. I sometimes buy some stuff in the other side of the world and I always calculate it in the currency that I use. And recently, I came across an online store that sell shoes. Wow! I’m fasciated with the shoes they have and I’m so lucky that they have my size. I mostly have some problems in buying shoes here in the store because my 35 size is difficult to find. It looks so ugly if I buy a sandal which doesn’t fit on my size. The shoes that I like cost in pound and I don’t know it by head how much I pay if I buy it using my euro currency. Luckily, there are sites that can calculate from Pound to Euro in just few seconds. Now I know I much I need to spend in euro in purchasing the shoes that I like.


ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID 2010 - Ngayong Pasko Magniningning Ang Pilipino

To all the kapamilya viewers, enjoy watching the ABS-CBS Christmas ID station.


Updating each other

A friend of mine who used to be my high school and college classmates had a long talked on the phone yesterday. We both got an e-mail from one of our classmates in High school who organize the upcoming reunion of our batch. And so we both discuss if we can attend it at that time. Since both of us are living in the other city, so we both can't promise if we can join. However, if I'm given a chance, then I would love to join the reunion. I miss my high school classmates and that's the online time that we can hang up together. I encourage my friend too that she would join because the previous reunion that we had, she's not there. At least for me, I was present in the first and second reunion, but it would be a lot of fun if there are many classmates that would join.
Aside in talking about the reunion, my classmates told me about her recent experience when they went on the boat holiday in Europe. She had a wonderful time and she enjoyed it a lot. She encouraged me too to try it with my husband. So I just see, her story and experience seems very interesting. So maybe I will ask my husband that we spend some time to do some boat holiday.