Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In the disco

My younger brother is now in for recording his rap music. In fact, he made few recordings already in some local bands in the city. He likes joining some FM radio contest in connection to his talent, which is singing. He joined some clubs in some FM station in city that build some friendship in some DJ's at the station. Keep going in those stations is now the bridge that he can record some songs that he composed. HE started to know how to use it and started to familiarize what DJ use. One time, he was invited by his clan mates to join their disco. They promise that they free my brother for the disco's entrance, so without any doubt, he agreed. And there, the music was loud, but it's nice to listen on their earns. Music played was all nice that makes me dance and groove. And he noticed what the DJ use while the disco is going on. It's a m-audio fast track ultra 8r that he saw on the net. He was amazed, the mixing of the music was really great. And it can record multiple sources simultaneously.


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