Monday, December 6, 2010

Blinds for my window

My windows in my room is too low that is very easy to reach by kids. Mostly if I open my jealousy windows, then kids get curious what stuff I have in my room. Sometimes they check if I play some computer games or so. It irritate me that they keep watching my room, that's the reason I often close my windows. My cousin came through my room and he complained that it's warm and asked me why I did not open my window. So I explain to him the reason and he understands it. He suggested to me that better I use a blinds that will cover up my window. So if I open my window, there some blinds that covers up. Therefore, kids cannot easily see through the inside of my room. My cousin's idea was good and now I'm looking for a Cheap Vertical Blinds that I can put on my window. Hopefully I can find it soon.


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