Monday, December 6, 2010

Online shopping

Last week, I was busy surfing through the net some online stuff that I want purchase. I enjoy doing some online shopping because I find it so easy and handy. No more hassle waiting in a long line cashier especially at this time that Christmas season is almost approaching. I sometimes buy some stuff in the other side of the world and I always calculate it in the currency that I use. And recently, I came across an online store that sell shoes. Wow! I’m fasciated with the shoes they have and I’m so lucky that they have my size. I mostly have some problems in buying shoes here in the store because my 35 size is difficult to find. It looks so ugly if I buy a sandal which doesn’t fit on my size. The shoes that I like cost in pound and I don’t know it by head how much I pay if I buy it using my euro currency. Luckily, there are sites that can calculate from Pound to Euro in just few seconds. Now I know I much I need to spend in euro in purchasing the shoes that I like.


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