Monday, December 6, 2010

Updating each other

A friend of mine who used to be my high school and college classmates had a long talked on the phone yesterday. We both got an e-mail from one of our classmates in High school who organize the upcoming reunion of our batch. And so we both discuss if we can attend it at that time. Since both of us are living in the other city, so we both can't promise if we can join. However, if I'm given a chance, then I would love to join the reunion. I miss my high school classmates and that's the online time that we can hang up together. I encourage my friend too that she would join because the previous reunion that we had, she's not there. At least for me, I was present in the first and second reunion, but it would be a lot of fun if there are many classmates that would join.
Aside in talking about the reunion, my classmates told me about her recent experience when they went on the boat holiday in Europe. She had a wonderful time and she enjoyed it a lot. She encouraged me too to try it with my husband. So I just see, her story and experience seems very interesting. So maybe I will ask my husband that we spend some time to do some boat holiday.


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