Thursday, March 31, 2011

My birthday gift to the little one

My little nephew will be celebrating his birthday this coming May. He is very vocal already about his upcoming birthday. He will turn 4 years old and by June, he will go to school already. He kept saying to everyone here at home that after his birthday then the next month he goes to school already. He sounds very excited in going to school for the very first time. His birthday still few weeks to go, but I'm already searching what birthday presents that I give to him. I mostly give him some toys during his birthday and Christmas time, but for a change this time, I want something different. I want to give him some stuff that he can use in going to school. Well, school supplies such as notebooks, pencils are very common and they can easily buy that everywhere. Upon surfing through the net, I came across these lovely nap mats and Stephen Joseph Quilted Toddler Backpacks. I guess these are the perfect presents that I can give to him, some things that he can use in going to school. To make it complete, I better include this lunch tote bag. For sure my little nephew will be happy for what he gets from me.


Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars


Perfect present to give

Are you looking for a perfect present that you can give to your little ones? Well, no more hassle now to look on what nice things that you can give, why not try this lovely nap mat and cute kids packpacks. Isn't nice? It's just a simple thing, but they look really nice and useful especially for your kids that need to go to school. What I like in these things are the blend of the colors and the design of it. As an adult, I find it so attractive because it's really a kiddie style and design, so I'm pretty sure that kids would love to have this stuff. Aside in those two things, you can also give them a simple shirt with Dallas embroidery. The embroidery can get everyone's attention because it's very attractive. So I hope I can help you in searching for a perfect presents to your little ones.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ABS-CBN summer station id 2011

I just like their summer station ID, it looks so nice and seems like everyone was having a great time. The song is also good, it fits for the summer theme. The title of this song is Bida Best Sa Tag-Araw.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Planning to purchase my own domain

My blog was active already for more than a year and still I never got a chance to purchase my own domain name. Many of my friends encourage me already to have one, but I never got a chance to sit down and does my domain search. I've been busy most of the time and when I got a chance to do nothing then mostly I relax, until I don't remember anymore about purchasing my own domain.

Lately, when my friends and I did a conference through yahoo messenger, one of their topics was about blogging and discussing about their own domain site. I feel I'm out of place about domain because I never got a chance to have. However, upon listening to their conversation, it opt me to purchase now my own domain because of the advantages of owning your own domain. I heard many positive feedback of having my own domain. So I got excited to have one and planning to purchase it soon. I just need time to do my own domain name search.