Thursday, July 15, 2010

We girls love compliments

Let's talk about girls, how can you describe in general the personality of some girls? As we all know, we girls love praises, we adore when someone gives us compliment especially if it's a positive one *wink*. We mostly love shoes, bags and jewelries. We are more conscious, emotional and sensitive than man. These are just few things about girls.

However, girls can also be romantic. They have a tender heart that man can easily access to win their heart. The most common thing that girls feel ecstasy is when they receive some chocolates or flowers from there boyfriend. But then again, giving those material things will be incomplete without saying some words to your partner. Therefore, if you're a man, what will be the Sweet things to say to your girlfriend? You can say hundred words, but nothing can beat the three sweetest words and that is "I LOVE YOU".



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