Friday, November 19, 2010

Acoustic guitar lesson

Most of the time, I heard my younger brother playing his guitar. I really likes it when he played his guitar because I enjoy listening it. Mostly he played some well-known love songs and it's so great to listen especially at night. It's so quiet and the only music I hear is the acoustic guitar that my younger brother played. My brother has many talents and one of the talents that he loves most is playing guitars. In the family, he is the only one who can play some musical instruments. I remembered that he started to like some musical instrument when my papa bought a guitar. It's not really for him, but for the whole family. However, he was the one who got interest to learn on how to play it. Months passed by, my sister and I are planning to enroll an acoustic guitar lessons. We just can't start to learn because we are both busy. So when things goes smooth and easy with our schedules then for sure we can start to enroll already.


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