Monday, March 29, 2010

Circular saw blades

My parents house is a two storey building, but the second floor still not totally furnish. Many things that still need to finish, but can't finish it yet because lacking of financial budget. Every time my papa has some extra money, he asked my uncle, who is a carpenter, to continue it piece by piece. My papa builds that second floor for a room for rent. It has five rooms and a small kitchen space; well furnish comfort room and a balcony for relaxation.

However, these past few days, my papa and uncle were planning to continue to work the second floor again. One of my uncle’s materials that he used in working the second floor is the circular saw blades. Do you know what that is for? The circular saw is a metal disc or blade with saw teeth on the edge as well as the machine that causes the disk to spin. It is a tool for cutting wood or other materials and may be hand-held or table-mounted. It can also be used to make narrow slots (dados). Most of these saws are designed with a blade to cut wood, but may also be equipped with a blade designed to cut masonry, plastic, or metal. When you have this saw blades, then cutting the wood goes smooth and fast. Therefore, the working process is done fast.


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