Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Halloween Costumes Ideas

Yesterday evening, my aunt and her son visited us. I heard from her about the Halloween disco party of her son that will be held in school. And so I asked the kid if he knew this kind of party. He was very talkative that is why I enjoy talking to him. He was very vocal explaining to me what the upcoming party was all about. Well, he had some point in his explanation because he had some idea already about the party. It's not the first time that he joined this Halloween costume party, but his second time. And so his excited that even it still few months to go, he already planned what costumes he wants to wear. My aunt wants to be well prepaid this time for the upcoming Halloween for her son. And so she asked us if we have some awesome Halloween costumes ideas. A costume that is simple but unique. Though, the kid was very vocal that he wants to wear some scary mask costumes. So well see it when the party comes.


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