Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Power tools

My uncle who has been working for many years in a construction encountered some problems in his power tools. Some of it did not function so well and it bothered him because it's the hindrance in his work. Well, for sure if we encountered this kind of problem, it also starts to annoy us. Like we want everything to be done fast, but due to some reason that we can't finish it as we expected because of the certain problems. Luckily last week, he finally got a new power tools and it made him so happy. He can start working again. Everything goes smooth and easy. And another thing that made him happy was the present that he got from his sister. Guess what it was, it's a new drills and saw that he can use for his work. Wow! He got few latest things and it made him feel so happy. He set aside now his old stuff and preferred to use the new one.


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