Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reminiscing the past celebration

Few months to go then its Christmas time again. Wow, time fly so fast especially now that it’s already September. I’m sure that some of us start planning already for the upcoming Christmas season. Preparing what Christmas decorations that need to decorate inside the house. And of course start planning what foods need to prepare for the Christmas Eve. Well, Christmas would never be a lot of fun without some Christmas party at home. Kids really enjoy having some party with lots of games to play and amazing prizes they receive.

Last Christmas I organized a simple kid's party. It was a big success because I can see in all their faces that they had a wonderful time. They enjoyed all the games that I prepared and guess what they were so excited when they know that the lucky winners of each game received a surprise present from me. Aside from the presents they got from me, they also receive some Christmas candy and Christmas pudding from my family. Well, it's just a simple celebration, but it gave a smile to all the kids and that's more important. The celebration was a big success, though it was so tiring, but it’s all worth it. And the best thing to relax after a busy day was to sit on a couch with a cup of tea.


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